When is my tuition sent to the school?

The loan disbursement date can be found on the second page of Truth in Lending Disclosures, under "Next Steps & Terms of Acceptance" on the right-hand side (#4), this will always be after your start date. 

Once your program starts, the school will verify your enrollment, we then disburse the funds directly to the school.

Our agreement with each school is to disburse the funds once they send us verification that you've been enrolled in and attending class. 

The disbursement date depends on your school and program, but typically there is a drop period and we disburse funds 2-4 weeks after a program begins.


However, your school is aware that we'll be sending your tuition on this schedule.

Once the loan is disbursed, we will send you a confirmation email. 


Shortly after you will be able to create an account with our loan servicer, University Accounting Services, to make your payments. 


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